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  • Objective
  • définitions
  • General
  • Determination of Valid Complaints
  • Investigating Complaints
  • INSAFAC Complaint Board


1. Objective

This procedure defines the process for handling complaints received by INSAFAC. It applies to all verification activities carried out by INSAFAC

2. Definitions

COMPLAINANT: Person or organization lodging a complaint

COMPLAINT: expression of dissatisfaction, other than appeal, by any person or organization to all verification activities carried out by INSAFAC.

3. General

The Quality Manager, in collaboration with the administrator, is responsible for implementing this procedure.

INSAFAC shall accept written complaints submitted by regular mail, e-mail, or through his website. When the content of submission is not clear, the Quality Manager will follow up with the submitter, in writing, to obtain a clarification.

INSAFAC shall process all complaints in a timely fashion, and ensure that all records related to complaints are maintained in compliance with the archiving procedure.

4. Determination of Valid Complaints

The Quality Manager shall review a complaint to determine its validity. A valid complaint meets the definition provided in section 2 and includes:

  • Name, organization, and e-mail address of the complainant;
  • Reference to the verification standard, policy, and/or procedure allegedly violated;
  • A description of how the verification standard, policy and/or procedure was allegedly violated; and

The Quality Manager will promptly acknowledge, in writing, the receipt of a valid complaint. A determination that a complaint is « valid » is not a decision on the merits of the complaint, but rather only a determination that the complaint can proceed to an investigation.

If a complaint is not valid, the Quality Manager will inform the complainant, in writing, and allow the complainant thirty (30) days to supply the missing information. If the required information is not submitted within that time, or does not establish validity, the complaint shall be closed and the complainant so notified in writing.

5. Investigating Complaints

The Quality Manager will work with the administrator to arrange an investigation into the allegations in a valid complaint. The outcome of that investigation, subject to the confidentiality requirements of ISO/IEC 17011, shall be communicated in writing to the complainant.

If the investigation takes place more than thirty (30) days after a valid complaint is acknowledged, the Quality Manager will provide periodic reports to the complainant on the status of the investigation.

If applicable, the Quality Manager will identify corrective actions for INSAFAC and implement them in accordance with the quality manual procedure.

6. INSAFAC Complaint Board

Any complainant unsatisfied with the outcome of the investigation may, within twenty (20) days of the date of the notice, send a written request to INSAFAC that the complaint be referred to a task group composed of the administrator, the quality manager and a lead verifier.

The identity of the task group members shall be provided to the complainant, who has the right to request the replacement of any proposed member who has a conflict of interest. Any such request must be submitted in writing to the Quality Manager within ten (10) business days of the notice of the task group.

The task group shall be chaired by the Director General. The task group shall review the materials related to the complaint, and may conduct an investigation as needed. The outcome of the Task group review, subject to the confidentiality requirements of ISO/IEC 17011, shall be communicated in writing to the complainant. If applicable, INSAFAC will implement any corrective actions in accordance with the quality manual procedure

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