the CORSIA Verifier for greener aviation in Africa


The quality and relevance of the services offered is a priority for INSAFAC. Leader in CORSIA CO2 verification services, the team of INSAFAC wants to stand out by offering high quality upstanding services for the validation and verification of GHG emissions assertions across Africa.
INSAFAC is aware of the primary value of impartiality and pays particular attention to the assessment of conflicts of interest and potential conflicts of interests. These can cause many difficulties in the process of validation or verification of GHG emissions and harm the credibility of efforts, especially within a regulated carbon market.

In this context, INSAFAC is committed to:

  • Base its opinion statements on an objective approach, without being influenced by the interests of stakeholders or any other external source.
  • Continuously develop the competence and technical expertise of its professional team regarding new policies, technologies, protocols and standards in force on various regional, national and international GHG markets.
  • Conserve all gathered information throughout validation or verification activities in a way that ensure their confidentiality and safety.
  • Never disclose confidential information without a prior consent.


  • INSAFAC is well aware that achieving its goals would only be possible if its commitments are integrated into internal management processes. The team has procedures, mechanisms and policies to incorporate these principles in the activities of the organisation.
  • Contractual agreements with all employees provide an obligation to disclose to INSAFAC any direct or indirect conflict of interest between their personal affairs and any work that they perform on behalf of INSAFAC.
  • Confidentiality agreements with each client are conscientiously respected.
  • Relations with clients are based on trust and a spirit of openness for the clarification of any aspects of the validation or verification process.

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